Luc weighs in at the Canadian Industry Roundtable
By Luc Delany
Luc weighs in at the Canadian Industry Roundtable
1 Jan 2014 - ISGA

The growth of social gaming has given rise to questions concerning its connection with the Canadian gambling industry. A Canadian Industry roundtable was assembeld to address such question as “What are social games and what role do they have to play in the gaming arena, if any?”

Social gaming experts were asked to weigh in on this evolving issue.

ISGA CEO Luc Delany commented,

“The social games industry and gambling industry are clearly different industries with their own areas of expertise. The gambling industry has a tried and tested business model with a long history. The social games industry is just a few years old, incredibly fast moving, and innovative.

Some social games companies and some gambling companies feel it is of interest to divest into the other markets, taking their knowledge and modifying it for the relevant audience. It is important to note that although there may be some overlap between people who play social games and people who gamble, they are distinct sectors with separate audiences.”

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