Reframing e-Mental Health Services
By Luc Delany
Reframing e-Mental Health Services
11 Jul 2014 - ISGA

Luc spoke at the Reframing e-Mental Health Services debate that took place at the Tavistock Centre The event was aimed at sharing knowledge and skills to facilitate thinking and strategy for an e-Mental Health Service. Luc, in his role of CEO of the ISGA, was asked to talk about the impact of Social Gaming on Wellbeing: the role of Gamification in Engagement.

The overall objective of the debate was to dismantle early attempts to migrate health services into the digital world as an end solution and reframe e-Mental Health as the preferred model for many service users for whom the use of intelligent, mobile, connected devices is embedded in their daily lives. Only through the re-examination of how human development and behaviour has changed in light of these devices – and their accompanying platforms and apps – can an e-Mental Health Service  be established that is congruent with the lives of service users.

A further objective was to consider how health and well-being can be improved through assessment of a person’s digital life and how interventions need to be tuned to this. An e-Mental Health framework would address the risks and opportunities of new technologies, recognising e-safety and excessive use as necessary components of any strategy, whilst ultimately remaining ‘Digital First’.