Dublin Web Summit
By Luc Delany
Dublin Web Summit
8 Nov 2014 - Delany & Co

Victoria and Simon, representing Delany & Co attended the ever popular Web Summit @ Dublin last week. Apart from a few hiccups in the Wifi, the event lived up to its billing as the world’s largest tech conference. Highlights included Justin Rosenstein’s call for the end of email – “electronic paper” as he put it, which cost us about 30% of our time. He also spoke of about Asana – a new “work graph-a network” that acts as a Team Brain and is set to revolutionise how we organise our work.

Basestone, a collaborative platform for architecture, engineering and construction were the winners of a tough fought start uppitch competition, which saw some tough questions from the judging panel.

A striking number of tech tycoons highlighted the importance of developing a strong and positive internal company culture as a vital pre-condition of long term growth and survival.

It proved to be a very fun and informative week and no doubt, Delany & Co will back next year.

Photo Credit: Dublin Web Summit