Client Profile:
By Luc Delany
Client Profile:
2 Apr 2015 - Delany & Co

Launched in September 2014
Currently in late Beta (exited Alpha in December 2014)

The Brains

Matthew Hodgson, co-founder and Technical lead
Amandine Le Pape, co-founder and Business lead

What is Matrix? is an ambitious open source and non-profit initiative.

Matrix’s initial scope was to provide developers with an open standard for interoperable VoIP and instant messaging. The project allows you to create and run your own real-time communication infrastructure.’s real potential and ultimate mission now is to be a universal messaging and data synchronization system for the web – allowing people, services and devices to easily communicate with each other with full secure history.


Audience Choice and Best Social Integration Awards at WebRTC Conference & Expo V (San Jose 2014)
Best Innovation Award at WebRTC Conference & Expo Paris 2014
Nominated in the Company Category at UK Open Source Awards 2015
Best in Show at WebRTC Miami 2015

What are Matrix up to?

It is still early days for but clearly something exciting is happening. From Disruptive companies and innovators to communication service providers and west coast powerhouses – major players from each category are downloading the open source Matrix reference implementations and starting to develop new projects – mostly around WebRTC, Instant Messaging and the Internet of Things.

Matrix is an open source and non-profit project specifically designed to fix the fragmentation of all type of communication services over the internet.

In short, Matrix is designed to:

Let services from different vendors share communication data in an open, secure and simple manner with no central point of control – extending services’ reach and opening up new horizons of opportunity for innovation.
Ensure that IoT devices and services have a simple common data fabric through which they can securely exchange data, irrespective of vendor.
Make cross-vendor instant messaging and VoIP as ubiquitous and flexible as sending an email.
Empower the user to pick the service they want to use, and retain ownership and control of their own data.

Current Projects / Partnerships

Matrix is aiming to be a cross industry initiative partnering with organizations from MNOs to major West Coast start-ups. Some exciting projects already underway.

OpenMarket, a mobile engagement solutions company with SMS connectivity to more than 200 countries has launched the first commercial service leveraging Matrix. The OpenMarket Matrix Gateway provides a bridge between Matrix and the public telephone network, extending Matrix’s reach by letting developers and users send and receive text messages transparently with non-Matrix users.

Jay Emmet, General Manager of OpenMarket said, “We are proud to be first to extend the reach of the Matrix ecosystem to the public telephone network by bridging Matrix messaging through to SMS. With this new partnership we’re driving our mobile engagement platform even further by removing distinctions between SMS and OTT messaging.”

Another strong supporter of the Matrix project is Truphone, the leading global MVNO, offering mobile service at local rates in over 66 countries.

James Body, Head of R&D at Truphone: “The Truphone Team believe that Matrix provides the missing link between the traditional Telco space and Internet communication services, and are incredibly excited to be involved in nurturing this new ecosystem.”

Several major players including two NEPs and multiple CSPs have joined Matrix and have started work on projects not yet made public.

Additionally to the webclient, you can now also install the “Matrix Console” app on your smartphone or tablet by downloading it for free from iOS from the Apple App Store or the Android version of Console from the Google Play Store. The app allows you to chat within a group (text/images/video etc) in decentralised public and private rooms, with room history kept in sync across all your different Matrix-enabled apps. It also showcases one of the coolest new features in Matrix: the ability for home servers to support highly configurable push notifications, ensuring you never miss messages on Matrix ever again. It is a sign of many smart and innovative features Matrix intend to release over the coming months.


Matrix’s main goal is to help foster innovation throughout the internet. They are making communications safer, more ubiquitous and innovative. Generic messaging and data synchronization across the web will never be quite the same again. The project may well provide the disruption needed to change how real-time data is shared on the Internet, and usher in a new age of services which by default collaborate rather than compete. The Matrix revolution has started.

As a company or an individual, whether you believe that today’s fragmented communication need to change or not, check out the website or follow them on twitter @Matrixdotorg.